2011 California Cabernet Sauvignon

unnamed (2)WINE NOTES


Our Cabernet grapes were carefully chosen from a mix of vineyards along the California North Coast and the Sonoma Valley. Both areas are known for producing Cabernet with rich, concentrated fruit flavors and balanced complexity. Our blending grapes for 2011 were selected from the Sacramento Delta Region east of the San Francisco Bay.

Appellation: 100% California


After a cool, wet spring, 2011 was consistently moderate in temperature for the entire growing season. A slightly smaller crop than normal was challenged by autumn rains, but expert pickers and timely decision making optimized the year’s bounty. The wines will show great fruit character, finesse, and fullness in the palate.

Wine analysis: 0.61% total acid, 3.62 pH, and 13.5% alcohol, by vol.


After de-stemming the grapes, the juice was fermented on the skins for up to 2 weeks at 80°F. This warm temperature aids in extracting color and desirable tannins from the skin of the grape. Gentle pressing of the must is essential for getting additional flavor and color, while avoiding the overly drying tannins found in the seeds. After a full malo-lactic conversion to soften the acids and add complexity to the nose, this wine was aged on oak at cool temperatures until it was ready for the final blend. To bolster the structure and color of the wine a little Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah and Syrah were added.

Varietal blend: 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Petite Sirah, 10% Petit Verdot, 5% Syrah


Our Cabernet is deep red with ripe berry and plum aromas, accented by toasty oak and vanilla. On the palate, dark fruit flavors are balanced by silky tannins and a lingering finish. The wine is full-bodied and complex, displaying classic Cabernet structure and finesse. Our Cabernet makes a memorable pairing with roasted and grilled meats such as leg of lamb, prime rib, or porterhouse steak.