2012 California Heritage Reserve Pinot Noir



For 2012 we harvested our grapes from vineyards in California’s North Coast region primarily in Mendocino County.  With warm, sunny days moderated by cooling influences, conditions in this area create an ideal climate for growing Pinot Noir.  Grapes harvested from a variety of vineyards and areas each providing unique flavor components that together create a balanced, complex and harmonious wine.

Grape Sourcing: 100% California


Overall 2012 was a temperate year that provided little stress to the grapes.  Frost was minimal during the spring, and summer heat spikes were fairly moderate in temperature and length.  As a result the harvest was up significantly compared to the 2 previous years of below average yields.  Color and flavors for the grapes are proving to be excellent. We expect the wine to have balance and show great fruit character, finesse, and fullness in the palate.

Technical Information: 0.55 TA, 3.51 pH, 13.6% alc by vol.


Grapes for this wine were harvested late in the evening and into the morning, when the grapes are at their coolest temperature.  Thus, preserving the crispness and delicate fruit flavors in our wine.  The grapes were destemmed, gently broken to release juice and light levels of tannin.  A short cold soak and moderate fermentation was used to preserve the exceptional color for this vintage.  The wine was fermented on the skins for five to seven days, followed by a gentle pressing to avoid extracting any harsh tannin from the seeds or skins.  A touch of Syrah is added to enhance the red fruit notes and structure while preserving the unique Pinot Noir flavors.
Varietal Blend: 83% Pinot Noir, 17% Other Reds


Ripe red raspberry and cherry aromas carry through to the palate, balanced by a crisp yet silky finish.  The wine pairs well with grilled chicken, Fusilli pasta tossed with extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomato and herbs or a rustic wood oven-fired pizza with wild mushrooms and Taleggio cheese.