About Us


About Us


Fine Wine Vineyards, Northern California

At Fine Wine Vineyards our number one goal is to blend and create great everyday wines that can be consumed with or without food and still be able to deliver them to the marketplace at very competitive prices.

In order to accomplish this we set out to source fruit for all our wines from different wine growing regions across California each known for producing the best of each grape varietal.

Our Chardonnay fruit comes from the Sacramento Delta Region east of the San Francisco Bay. With warm, sunny days moderated by a cooling breeze from the bay at night, conditions in this area create an ideal climate for growing Chardonnay.

Our Cabernet grapes are carefully chosen from a mix of vineyards along the California North Coast and the Sonoma Valley. Both areas are known for producing Cabernet with rich, concentrated fruit flavors and balanced complexity.

For our Pinot Noir we harvested grapes from vineyards in California’s North Coast region primarily in Mendocino County.  With warm, sunny days moderated by cooling ocean influences, conditions in this area create an ideal climate for growing Pinot Noir.

Lodi has emerged as a star for producing intense, fruity Zinfandels with ripe berry flavors.  Grapes are cooled off on warm Central Valley days by the breezes off the Delta, extending the growing season and adding layers of flavor. This makes for the perfect place to source fruit for our own FINE Zinfandel.

We hope you enjoy our FINE wines as much as we do.

All our best,

Tom and Lena Harding